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Angels and Demona
Monsters of the universe
Nude not Naked

Brad Faine is an internationally recognised artist and printmaker who was, for 40 years the managing director of Coriander Studio, one of Europe's foremost printers and publishers of fine art limited editions, specialising in serigraphic and digital prints. In 2010 he resigned his directorship of Coriander to concentrate on making his own prints and paintings. Since 2005 his limited editions have been generated exclusively on computer and exist only in digital form. All his prints are first generation images and not reproductions of pre-existing drawings or paintings.



Brad Faine is the son of Royal Australian Air Force bomber pilot and a cabaret singer. He was born in 1945 and grew up in Brighton. He studied Fine Art (Painting) at Leicester College of Art where he achieved a Dip Ad (Hons) under the tutelage of Harry Thubron, an early proponent of conceptual art, and subsequently completed a Post Graduate ATC course at Goldsmiths. During his time at Leicester, Faine developed the first truly playable 3d Chess set which was...
Artist Statement
I was one of those sixties art students who became totally committed to conceptual art. Prior to my time at Leicester Collage of Art, my paintings had been predominantly concerned with images that dealt with the juxtaposition of painterly brushwork with flat hard-edge forms. The use of form, line and colour provided a basis for investigating illusion and reality on two and three dimensional surfaces. However while at Leicester I met Sydney Harry whose amazing work with colour, led me to become interested in all aspects of colour phenomena and to explore ways of integrating them into painting and printmaking...
The Original Coriander Studio
In 1972 Brad, his wife Jane and some members of her family set up Coriander Studio.  Initially the studio designed and made toys, games and furniture, which received Design Centre seals of approval and were sold in shops like Heals and Albritzi.  At this time screen-printing was an adjunct to the manufacturing of their various products.  In 1973 Brad met Henri Chopin, the internationally recognised sound poet...
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